This page is intended to help customers with questions make informed decisions and answer the most common questions. 


Q. What is a RCS claw and why do I need it?

A. The claw/wing are a type of concealment aide. These are designed to keep the grip of the gun tucked in closer to the body, thus helping to decrease printing. People that have issues with printing for any of the common reasons: slender build, slim fit apparel, large frame firearms, and extended magazines will find this useful.


Q. Which belt clip do I need?

A. The most popular IWB options are the Quick Clip and the Tuckable Overhook. The Quick Clip is more stable on the belt due to the width. The Tuckable Overhook is a necessity if the user plans to tuck in their shirt. The Overhook also has built in cant and ride height adjustment. Both options are durable, reliable, and USA made.


Q. I don't see my gun or light listed as an option, can you make me a custom holster for it?

A. AMP is constantly trying to expand and upgrade the product line. AMP does not offer custom holsters for any models not currently listed on the products page. If you have further questions about availability, please feel free to send us an email with your inquiry.